3 Reasons Why All Small Businesses Need to Have a Brand Presence Online

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3 Reasons Why All Small Businesses Need to Have A Brand Presence Online

Everyone is buried in their phones: You have seen it, at restaurants, on the grocery line, waiting for the bus, on the train, at the airport—everywhere you turn everyone is buried deeply in their phones. Gone are the compelling magazine and newspaper ads. To gain attention, you need to be where your customers are spending most of their time. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram has their attention and every business needs to have an online presence to meet potential customers where they are.

Easy promotion from people who already like you:

One of the most common behaviors of social media is “checking in” to a business. Facebook users want their friends to know where they are, what they are buying and even eating. If your business doesn’t exist on social media, you are missing out on free advertising to friends and family.

How it works:

Jessica arrives at ABC Company

  • Jessica checks into ABC Company and tags her friends
  • Jessica’s Facebook Friends and Jessica’s Friends Facebook Friends see that they were at ABC Company
  • Curiosity causes the friends to click and see what ABC Company is all about.
  • Most shoppers don’t resort to google, they resort to social media to decide whether or not they want to engage and spend their money with a company

Recently I wanted to try out a new restaurant in Brooklyn. My first move was to check the Facebook page for reviews. After that I checked yelp. Then I checked the restaurants Instagram page for images of what the food and ambiance looks like. Potential customers are bypassing google and heading staring to social media to make purchasing decisions.  

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