10 Reasons Why EVERY Business Needs to Have a Snapchat Filter

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  1. Snapchat is used by millions: Approximately 18M users on snapchat and that number has exploded from 2014.
  2. Not just by kids anymore: Millennials have recently surpassed teenagers with the use of Snapchat. (See also: How Snapchat is targeting the over-35 crowd – LA Times
  3. A Snapchat filter is likely to be used more than once: Snapchat users love a good filter. A new filter breaks up the monotony of their feeds.
  4. They are extremely cheap: Purchasing the filter is relatively easy and affordable.
  5. 90% open rate on snaps: Unlike Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, 90% of a users followers will see everything the user shares.
  6. Discover a new audience: Snapchat is one of the hottest social media networks and when the customer shares a snap, the followers are extremely likely to see it.
  7. The design options are endless: You can do a very traditional on brand filter or you can add different slogans/themes/holidays etc.
  8. Share discounts: You can incentivize your customers by offering a discount or products for every 5 shared Snapchats. You guarantee advertising and your customer gets a deal.
  9. Pictures of food are super popular on social: Other than selfies, the most popular type of content to share is FOOD. Sharing that good looking plate will have all their friends on Snapchat begging to grab a bite!
  10. Right on trend: Snapchat is one of the hottest social media networks among all demographics, especially the ones who make all the purchases.

Is your brand on Snapchat?

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