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BAM Digital Media LLC Founder Schnelle Acevedo was featured in on the popular Website. She shared her story on why she began her company and her plans for the future. Check out the excerpt here:

Schnelle Acevedo remembers the day she decided to quit her “cushy, high-paying” job as an account manager in the financial tech industry.

It was six months ago and Acevedo, 33, who goes by Nellie, had requested a day off for her youngest son’s pre-school graduation. The company told her, “We’ll see.”

“They made me wait five days to approve the day off and I realized that I couldn’t do this anymore,” she said. “I can’t accept a ‘We’ll see’ answer when it comes to taking off for a big day in my kid’s life.”

So she launched her own business, a social media strategy company called BAM Digital Media, named after her popular fitness and parenting blog,

After spending five years running the blog and building its social media presence (Twitter: 23.8K followers, Instagram: 7.7K followers), Acevedo decided to use her skills to help small businesses and startups.

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This ‘Brooklyn Active Mama’ quit her cushy job and turned her blog into a business

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